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Find more about what we are doing and some other news we find interesting to share with you.

  • Clamp Backstage

    As you might already know, our shoes are handmade from scratch to finish. We have designers that imagine, visualize and create our models and also our original graphics that are printed into our shoes and bags…

  • MICAM – Autumn Winter 2020/21

    We want to keep our traditions! Once again we were at MICAM but, this time, with a new stand full of colors, design an happiness.
    We are an European Product and all of our shoes are made with love and kindness. Each one of them are made in Portugal with our hands, with our passion… with all our dedication.
    We don´t make shoes for all of you, we make shoes because we are different like you!

  • MICAM – Autumn Winter 2019/20

    Once again, we were at MICAM, this time presenting out latest suggestions for the Autumn Winter 2019/20 collection.
    We always try to readjust our stand according to the shoes we are presenting, and always try to add something new, this time we had a painting of one of our prints with a printed shoe attached, giving the illusion that the shoe was part of the painting.

  • Special Gift

    Jean-Paul and Dorine are a special couple very kind to us and our brand. They’re one of our retailers, selling our shoes across Belgium and Netherlands, they attend all of our fairs, and are one of our biggest fans, they even had payed us a visit at our office/factory and brought us cake and champagne! So, we had to thank them for their kindness and love they keep giving us.
    So… what could we do?

  • MICAM – Spring Summer 2018

    It’s already a tradition, twice a year we make our trip to Milan and present our collection at the Europe’s biggest footwear trade show – the Micam.